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Sunday June 12th

“Our growth, we owe to Silicon Valley”

The Dutch data technology company Elastic is honored worldwide. Barely four years after it’s foundation, Elastic has customers as Facebook, Netflix, Uber, but also the more established companies. “Thanks to our open source model,” said founder and CEO Steven Schuurman (40).

The fundament for Elastic was laid by Shay Banon, an Israeli who had written a software program in mid-2012 to be able to simultaneously search and analyze large datasets . That was grist to the mill of Schuurman, who was about to sell his second company Orange11. Together with his two companions Steven wanted to start a new company in the field of data search. Banon joined them, and Elastic was a fact.

Steven shares his experience and vision with us on October 6th, on eDay main stage. In the meanwhile, read the full article which was the coverstory of the April edition of Emerce (in Dutch).

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