It’s not enough to just keep up. You’d rather be ahead

Standing at the forefront of digital means the decisions you make are naturally future-proof. It means you know the difference between the short-lived trends and the Next Big Things. It means you’re first.

Hanging out on that edge obviously has its benefits. Getting there…has its challenges.

Enter eDay. Where innovation, digital, and great minds converge.

Designed to be the one day a year that keeps you ahead of the game for the next 364, eDay is an event that weeds through the small stuff and gets you to where you need to be to stay ahead. Delivered in diverse formats, eDay attendees are treated to the freshest content from global thought leaders on new business, strategies, case studies, concepts and technologies, plus access to a day with the vanguard of tomorrow’s digital world.

People come for the insight, but stay for the networking and fun. See the pictures of eDay 2016.

Teeter on the edge.

Stay close. We’ll keep you posted for the 2017 edition.


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Marjelle Posthumus

Hilde Doting
06 – 36 32 32 30

Anne-marie van Meelen
06 – 21 80 81 20

Stef Max
06 – 10 47 02 31

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