Top 10 European Startups – The Awards

Session 2 12:40 — 13:10

It has become a permanent part of Emerce eDay:  the election of Emerce Top 10 European Startups. This award show is about the most upcoming and high potential European startups of this year. This top ten list is published for the sixth year in row and is amongst other things based on the input of several famous international VC’s, M&A-professionals, serial entrepreneurs, bankers, several West-European business journalists and other experts. Who wil be the number one this year?

The nominees are (in random order):

Relayr (2013, Berlin, Germany, internet of things)

Bunq (2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, fintech)

Babylon Health (2013, London, UK, mobile healthcare)

Otonomo (2015, Tel Aviv, Israel, car data & services)

Blockchain (2011, London, UK, blockchain)

Crunchr (2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, people analytics)

Lesara (2013, Berlin, Germany, online fashion)

Scorp (2015, Istanbul, Turkey, viral video)

LetGo (2015, Barcelona, Spain, 2nd hand marketplace)

Improbable (2012, London, UK, 3D-worlds)

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