Digital Director Sorted Management/Hardwell

About Sebastien

Sebastien’s success in the music industry began as a producer in 2008 when he released his own creations under respected labels Revealed Recordings and Spinnin’ Records. Starting as a label assistant in 2012, Sebastien’s perseverance propelled him to label manager of Revealed Recordings.

Beyond Revealed, Sebastien leads digital strategy at Sorted Management – home to talented Dutch artist Hardwell – where he insures his artists are always on top of their digital game. His innovations include streaming the world’s first dance event in 360 degrees, developing the first Facebook Messenger bot for a musician, and leveraging blockchain technology for transactions.

Having won a Golden Lovie award in the Experimental & Innovative category in 2016 for Hardwell’s Facebook chatbot, he devotes his full energy to technologies that drive his artists to reach their full potential.

The Talk

Panel: The Future of Social

Platforms like Snapchat, Facebook till are thé place to be for many young people and brands. New hangouts, each with their own lawfulness. What does work and what doesn’t? And in the near future? Is marketing influencing the hype again or does it start to grow up? Is the future on micro influencers or are there other new ways? And what about a chatbot as engagement tool for fans and brands? The panel consists of four young Dutch disrupters who determine the future of social cohesion: Sebastien Lintz (Digital Director Hardwell), Aranka van der Voorden (Founder Fitgirlcode), Steven Lammertink (CEO The Cirqle) and Tim van der Wiel (Co founder GoSpooky).

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