van Grieken

EMEA Technology Research & Insights Leader Deloitte Digital

About Hans

Hans van Grieken is Deloitte’s EMEA Technology Research & Insights Leader and a Fellow at Deloitte’s Center for the Edge. In both these roles Hans helps shape Deloitte’s global research agenda and addresses international conferences on digital transformation and innovation. He helps corporate C-level management navigate the evolving digital innovation landscape, identifying business opportunities and potential threats and supporting them in setting their digital agenda in order to help them operationalize their digital ambitions. He is also an Executive Lecturer at Nyenrode International Business School.

The Talk

How digital is your DNA?

In his presentation Hans van Grieken will dive into the results of Deloitte Digital and MITSloan’s globally research “Achieving Digital Maturity”. This research reveals five key practices organizations apply to enable them to achieve digital maturity. Van Grieken will also share the in total 4 archetypes that are prevalent in the Dutch Market in comparison to the rest of the world. Each of the 4 archetypes identified share a common set of characteristics (DNA strings) that in their combination create a unique digital signature and go to market strategy.

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