CEO Biohax International

About Jowan

Jowan founded Biohax International in 2013 having over 15 years of experience in sterile procedure for piercing and body modification. While overseeing day-to-day operation, business strategy, product development and strategic partnership with domestic and international business partners, educational institutions and government representatives – he is also the acting President of ASAP, the Swedish Association of Professional Piercing. In addition, he also leads progress for standardisation on biodevices for the public and is involved in the relevant regulatory process and development of legislation.

The Talk

Cyborgs at work: the world’s biggest biohacker

“The next step for technology is to move into the body. Co-creating the ecosystem and having the community being part of the platforms evolution is the key to a sustainable and ever evolving user-experience and development. We aim together with the community to keep building the Internet of Us™ while simultaneously bridging the gap between IoT and IoU™ as more and more are choosing a seamless experience with connected things. In this talk, Jowan presents the work of Biohax, which now includes thousands of chip implants across the world and their use, and shares his vision of the future of biohacking.

Time is ticking…









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