Leif Johan

CEO Griff Aviation

About Leif Johan

Leif Johan Holand was born in 1970 on the west coast of Norway. He started his career in 1995 as a film photographer and soon after helicopter became his passion. Leif started doing more and more aerial filming. After funding the media company “Fuglefjellet” In 2002 he commercialized the aerial film business in Norway, called “Magic Air”. In the year 2014, his team and TV2 won the TWB Awards “Beyond HD Achievement in Image Capture” for “Fly with Us”, competing against BBC “One Planet”. In 2016 he founded GRIFF Aviation together with Jan Martin Nysæter, where they created a new type of industrial drone that could lift over 200kg payload.

Leif’s experience from the media and aviation industry. Following and understanding the need for rules and regulation, led to be a competitive advantage, in this new era of drone industry. Together with his partner and brilliant engineers, they created the GRIFF drones.

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