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About Lily

Lily Kollé is a designer specializing in user experience for product and service design. She leads companies in digital minimalism, design thinking, holistic user experience and ontological design.

Her career began with designing concept laptops and software experiences that integrate across devices, setting up her love for design languages across touch points. She looks at how experiences scale across screens, voice, and physical spaces, and how holistic UX brings products and services together to create better business strategies.

With experience across three continents, Lily has worked for a diverse range of clients in finance, tech, healthcare, government, education, tourism, and transportation.


She began her career as a concept designer at Intel and now works at Raft, a design consultancy in Amsterdam. She graduated with honors from the California College of the Arts with a degree in Industrial Design. In her spare time Lily dives with sharks, sails deserted islands, and prefers to live in hammocks over houses. 

The Talk

How Minimalism Will Improve Your Design Process

As the designers of digital products and services, how can we ensure we are contributing great design to the world rather than clutter? We follow a “design process” to guide us yet there are inevitably unforeseen challenges from clients, employers, and technology which distract us from the user. Including a minimalist design approach in your process clarifies thinking about the user’s core objectives, which interactions are essential, and experience above features. Lily Kollé shares the philosophies of designers who embrace a minimalist approach and shows how they have guided her own process when designing for user experiences. This talk will explore methods of great design from the past and how it can inform our practice as designers today.

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