VP, Global Head of Innovation VICE

About Mark

Mark Adams is Vice President and Head of Innovation at VICE, which has come from humble beginnings in Canada to become the largest youth media company on the planet and the biggest content creation agency for the world’s top brands.

Mark’s sessions are a raw, honest and often humorous look at the state of modern advertising and some of the fundamental mindset changes that even the most well-meaning marketeers undergo once they enter the boardroom. Mark argues passionately that we need to rediscover our empathy if we’re going to update our comms model from a boardroom first mentality that can only create non-tent to an audience-first comms model that can actually create valuable content that people want to watch and spend time with.

The Talk

Brand Building in the Age of Content

Cord-cutting, ad-blocking and the rise of mobile have created a generation of new consumers that traditional advertising simply isn’t reaching. The response has been to create native content that brands hope this generation will view because they choose to, not forced to… But things are not going very well at all. Mark will show the ways to gain trust and attention through branded content that really cuts through and delivers meaningful brand growth.

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