Founder & CEO The Cirqle

About Steven

Steven started his first company Republish, which digitizes books to e-books, at the age of 19 during his bachelor’s degree. With his start-up, he immediately won a prize as a promising young entrepreneur.

Steven was selected by hundreds of candidates for the prestigious Kauffman Scholarship. A scholarship that brought him along Harvard, MIT and Stanford.

Steven’s third start-up, The Cirqle already raised € 1.2mln investment and is the world’s first OAuth verified influencer platform with over 9500+ influencers.

The Talk

Panel: The Future of Social

Platforms like Snapchat, Facebook till are thé place to be for many young people and brands. New hangouts, each with their own lawfulness. What does work and what doesn’t? And in the near future? Is marketing influencing the hype again or does it start to grow up? Is the future on micro influencers or are there other new ways? And what about a chatbot as engagement tool for fans and brands? The panel consists of four young Dutch disrupters who determine the future of social cohesion: Sebastien Lintz (Digital Director Hardwell), Aranka van der Voorden (Founder Fitgirlcode), Steven Lammertink (CEO The Cirqle) and Tim van der Wiel (Co founder GoSpooky).

Time is ticking…









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