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About Uri

Uri Glibota started as an e-commerce consultant and learned all the tricks of the trade. He has become a generalist by combining knowledge and skills from different disciplines to carry out his specialty marketing from a generalistic vision. Mission? Inspire with stories and translate these stories to successful campaigns. He has also been able to share his knowledge in presentations during the Webwinkel Vakdagen, Multichannel Conference, Marketing & Technology and many other events.

The Talk

Why influencer marketing will explode!

In a few years time, influencer marketing has become booming. How do you now embrace successful collaboration with a social influencer? Or, better how do you become a social influencer? What are success factors in using social influence marketing and what should you refrain from doing? This presentation deals with the case of Most Wanted, the walhalla of fashion, with both a Magento2 webshop and a physical shop in the heart of Rotterdam. Do you see an added value in influencer marketing, but you don’t know where to start? Then this presentation is really something for you!

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