Next Gen

Developing and stimulating young leaders in digital and tech is a passion for the teams behind both eDay and Amsterdam eWeek. That passion drives new programmes to help foster the growth of new generation of technologists, some of whom we hope you’ll seek out and meet personally at eDay 2017.

Meet Next Gen, a programme that brings 200+  Tech Talents from 35 IT-specialised universities from across Europe to Amsterdam from October 4-6, 2017 during eWeek 2017.
Big and well-known tech events are educational, inspiring and a lot of fun, but often missing the next generation of leaders who do not attend for reasons of (lack of) awareness, accessibility and cost.

We want to change that.

Not only does Next Gen invite promising tech students from all over Europe to come to Amsterdam for 3 days, attend eWeek, learn from accomplished speakers, meet Amsterdam’s buzzing tech scene and connect with their next-gen peers, they will also connect with some of the most innovative companies across Europe and gain insight into their future-focused projects.

And: In addition to offering the inspiring top-tech learning programme, Next Gen tries to match its up-and-coming tech talents to Amsterdam-based companies who are looking for the next best software developers, engineers, data-analysts, and other leaders in the tech industry. Part of the Next Gen will take place at eDay, on October 5th in De Kromhouthal.

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