After a full day programme @ Emerce eDay, your head is spinning, your phone is buzzing from LinkedIn connects with the dozens of people you’ve exchanged details and promises of coffee with and the replies to the whatsapps you’ve sent to your colleagues and your boss with ideas you’ve had throughout the day that are enthusiastically rolling in. Your notes app is exploding with inspiration you’ve jotted down throughout the day.

You’ve just managed to nab a beer from a tray that nearly passed by without you noticing it. Looking around for some familiar faces to cheers with when the first person asks you:

You’re heading to eNight too, right?

Definitely, you say….

The Epic party of the year is for those who work at full service interactive agencies, media agencies, publishers, advertising & communication agencies, interactive campaign agencies, social media platforms, e-commerce teams, software vendors, startups, online marketeers, freelance professionals, website owners, entrepreneurs, developers, advertisers, ad exchange managers, investors, hosting kings, CMS tigers, analysts, TV/Radio creatives, accountmanagers, e-mail marketers and game specialists. In other words…. all the smart boys and girls of the digital world. 

Are you joining the party? Get your tickets here.

Time is ticking…









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