Digital productions: thinking ahead of the curve

By: Ate van der Meer (Snakeware) Stage 4 10:55 — 11:25
Dutch session

In this talk, CCO Ate van der Meer will not only show the cutting edge of digital productions, he will also outline the consequences it takes to become frontrunner and winner on the next wave in digital by thinking ahead of the curve. What does it mean to make it ‘big’ with new devices, interfaces and a whole new generation of customers and how to build a sustainable business in an ever rapid changing digital world. Ate will share his thoughts experiences and examples on what’s hot and not, will give insights, ups and downs of building his own digital company, their software platform for digital experiences and servicing ever bigger and more loyal customers just by thinking ahead of the curve. With a heart for innovation, marketing and a down to earth mentality Ate will give examples and show cases of how Snakeware helps clients like Dirk, DekaMarkt, Persgroep, Accell Group and many others. How to get pole position and what it really means to be strategic and partner between brands agencies and technology providers. Helping enable brands and companies to become frontrunners and winners in the next big wave of digital innovation.

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