Emerce Top 10 European Startups 2021: how Olio and The Fabricant change the game

For the tenth year Emerce selected 10 highly promising European startups. In this video we go into detail with two nominees to find out how they build their business.
As food waste increases and people become increasingly aware of their impact on the climate, Olio saw the interest in its food and product sharing platform grow rapidly. The London based startup has built a community based, hyperlocal real-time redistribution network that was right on point during the pandemic when people were forced to live and interact locally. The team is adding new services to the platform, expands internationally and is on it’s path to be a sustainable alternative for premier players like Amazon and Facebook Marketplace. Co-founder Tessa Clarke goes into detail about Olio’s biggest challenges (and how to tackle them), how to scale and building a business that lasts.
Meanwhile the buzzing Metaverse is drawing more and more people into virtual worlds. And what are you going to wear? Former HEMA CMO Adriana Hoppenbrouwer explains how her new venture The Fabricant is building a digital fashion house. Operating at the intersection of fashion and technology fabricating digital couture and fashion experiences means exploring new territory. In this interview Hoppenbrouwer explains the company’s strategy for growth, her outlook on the novel market and more.

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