Unlock the potential of technology in running

By: Remco Barbier (NN Group), Lennart Boven (TDE) Stage 4 12:40 — 13:10
Dutch session

Running matters to millions of people. With partnerships in running, businesses can interact more frequently with consumers, and emotionally connect with their audiences. NN Group, an international financial services company, successfully launched its global running program in 2015. NN works closely together with partners like TDE with the aim to change the face of the running sport and won several awards for the innovative approach to running. In 2016, NN launched the NN Running Supporter which helps marathon runners get past the heavy 34KM point via an innovative support video concept. 

Recently, a newly invented ‘smart medal’ was introduced with integrated near field communication technology, which was developed in cooperation with TDE. By holding the smart medal to the back of a mobile phone, a personalized running story is created, combining photo, video and running data. The Smart Medal app should become the number one global digital prize cabinet. Remco Barbier and Lennart Boven talk about all challenges and future plans in this technology driven running sponsorship.

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