Executive Creative Director Tool of North America

About Aramique

Aramique is a director and installation artist focused on immersive media, interactive installations and experimental storytelling. His work brings a lyrical and human-centered approach to technology and has been celebrated by publications ranging from The Guardian to Time Magazine. His installation-based public experiences, have been featured at festivals including SXSW, Art Basel, TED and Moogfest and institutions like Palais de Tokyo, New Museum, Museum of the Moving Image, Arsenal Contemporary and Mobile World Congress. He continues to create experimental storytelling, art and technology projects with brands, institutions, record labels and non-profits as a director with Tool of North America where he also served as Executive Creative Director. He is an alumni of the New Museum Incubator for Art and Technology in New York and founder of the non-profit Reality Research Lab in France.

The Talk

The Art and Commerce of Experience

Aramique has spent the past decade creating interactive installations and immersive experiences for top brands, in collaboration with renown musicians and as part of major festivals and museums. 

During this time, the relationship of the fan  has changed from a more passive participant to performer who owns the relationship. In this presentation, Aramique will draw on his body of work over the past 10 years as well as trends he has witnessed across major cities around the world to give context on where we’ve been and try to predict where we are headed as an “experience industry.”

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