Marvel Writer and NFT WorldBuilder SkyView Way Studios

About B.

B. Earl is a writer for Marvel Comics, as well as the producer of a variety of projects. He sees NFTs as storytelling nodes for both community and world-building. He is currently working on Chiwawows and Blades of the Unseen: Angryfoot as well as spearheading Sideshow Collectibles digital strategy. His focus is to create multi-media experiences in entertainment using new and emerging technologies that engage communities into creative activity.

The Talk

Why Web3 needs storytelling (and storytelling needs Web3)

Every aspect of our existence is tied to storytelling. But how to bring stories to life and build the engines which drive intent is a whole different skill set. The future of our digital interactions will rely on persistent worlds populated by both humans and AI NPCs. The experience spaces will be an ever-shifting story world made up of ideas tethered to value sets shaped by creative architectures.

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