de Jong

Deepfake & A.I Artist DiepNep

About Bob

Bob de Jong is a Deepfake & A.I Artist specialised in Synthetic Media. In 2021 he got international attention for a video he made called ‘’ This is not Morgan Freeman’’ – which led to work for some major brands and entertainment projects.

Bob started his career at Scopic, the first creative Virtual Reality video production company based in Amsterdam, after which he founded Eastbound, specialized in immersive story driven experiences.

The Talk

Real Fakes

Bob de Jong, internationally acclaimed Deepfake & A.I Artist shares his unique insights into the world of synthetic media. Based on his experience with ‘’This is not Morgan Freeman’’, he shows what it takes to make truly impressives deep fakes, and he shares what happened after the release of his video on Youtube, TikTok and other channels.

He is now working on deepfakes for brands and entertainment experiences, and shares his views of what is to come.

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