van de Weijer

Dr. Ir. Masvasta/ TU Eindhoven

About Carlo

Carlo van de Weijer (1966) has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the TU Eindhoven and a PhD degree with honors from TU in Graz. He carries a broad experience in the automotive industry with a.o. executive positions at Siemens and TomTom. Currently he is managing director of the newly founded Eindhoven AI System Institute EAISI at Eindhoven University of Technology. He advises ministries and industries around the world on the future of mobility and is member of the supervisory board of several high-tech companies and start-ups. He is an international speaker on exponential technology and the future of high-tech, amongst others as faculty member of Silicon Valley based Singularity University. Furthermore, he is a weekly columnist in the leading Dutch financial newspaper.

The Talk

Future of AI; who takes the wheel?

Machines will, sooner or later, have higher calculation power than humans, which in principle also could make them smarter as we are. What do such smart and powerful machines mean for society, for work, for our added value as human beings? Can we have feelings for robots? Can robots have feelings for us? And what do we have to do to prevent things going out of hand? In any case we cannot deny the fact that we will be joined by thinking machines. Carlo van de Weijer gives examples of the impact of robotics for industry, mobility, health and other segments and tries to retrieve some lessons from examples in the real world that can make you prepare for the world still to come.


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