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About David

David Robustelli is Co-Founder and Head of Digital at Capitola, an Amsterdam based innovation driven digital agency. Together with his team of digital creatives and developers their focus is to realise a seamless user experience for each tool they are working on. David works with a rapid prototyping strategy which allows developers to experiment with new hardware before it is integrated within a live application. This strategy combined with test driven development leads to useful products that are specifically developed on how the target audience are used to or can adapt easily to work with.

The Talk

What AR means for the future of the user experience – incl. a Magic Leap teaser demo

What AR means for the future of the user experience will give a peak into what the effect of the digital revolution has on how we, the consumers, interact with digital tools and apps. The last 20 years we went from writing with numbers on a phone to a keyboard to a touch screen. But how are we going to interact when there is no screen anymore and apps are holograms projected in a mapped world around you? Based on actual use cases, David will give his view on what might be the future of the screen-less user experience.

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