Co-founder weGrow International

About Gernot

Gernot Schwendtner is co-founder of weGrow, an Amsterdam-based internationalization service focused on growing startups and scale-ups in Europe and the USA. weGrow is helping companies such as WeTransfer, UnitedWardrobe, Channable, Honeypot and HelloPrint enter markets in both strategic and hands-on ways. 

Gernot was the VP Marketing & International Country Manager of TravelBird, Managing Director of News Travel, and built up a venture-builder for an Austrian media company.

The Talk

Paneldiscussion: Managing Hypergrowth + EU start-up award

How do Europe’s most up and coming start-ups manage their high growth to leverage their potential? In discussion with our moderators the talented leaders of young companies like Harver, Hiber, Too Good To Go and NearSt will give us insights on how they tackle challenges like attracting the right talent, preserving culture, conquering their markets and blitz scaling. Highly interesting and practical takeaways guaranteed.

After the paneldiscussion we will end with the European start-up award.

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