Senior Account Executive Fullstory

About Gresa

Gresa Rexhepi is a data-driven Senior Account Executive who has a passion for bringing data and people together. She enjoys helping her customers achieve their goals while having fun at the same time. Gresa is on a mission to help organizations within the Benelux region perfect their digital experiences through FullStory’s DXI platform.

The Talk

Understanding Your Customers Through Digital Experience Intelligence

During this session, FullStory’s Gresa Rexhepi will illustrate what the world of Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) is all about and why it’s here to stay. She will dive into how DXI is exposed through the quantitative and qualitative capabilities that are critical in understanding how to improve your product and the experience that comes with it. See how understanding your customers in-depth and developing an exceptional product experience can drive brand loyalty.

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