Hendrik Vincent

Senior Data Scientist at RTL | AI Song Contest Organizer RTL

About Hendrik Vincent

Hendrik Vincent Koops is an Artificial Intelligence researcher with a PhD and background in AI, (music) information retrieval, music composition and sound design. He is a Senior Data Scientist at RTL, and co-organises the AI Song. RTL uses computer vision, audio content analysis and information retrieval to make content more discoverable. Koops is one of the organizers of the AI Song Contest, a worldwide challenge to come up with new forms of creativity.

The Talk

The future of creativity – AI and music

AI can be used to analyse media, but it can also be used to create media. What does that mean for creators? In this session we take a close look at AI, music and video. 

Hendrik Vincent Koops works at RTL, and co-organises the AI Song Contest, Janne Spijkervet works as a research scientist at TikTok. They share stories about the AI generation of music and more.

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