CEO & Co-founder JumpStory

About Jonathan

Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and the CEO & Founder of JumpStory. JumpStory is an innovative player in the stock image industry that offers authentic and high-performing photos, videos, illustrations, icons and vectors to customers in 140 countries. Major media like Forbes,, The Next Web etc. have named JumpStory the ‘Netflix of images’.

The Talk

The future of images, AI and conversion rates

As digital companies and marketers we love results. However, for too long the industry of stock images has been ‘stock in the past’. In this though-provoking and down-to-earth keynote Jonathan Low will talk about the importance of authenticity in digital marketing, images & AI – and about why he decided to start his latest company – JumpStory – a startup with customers in +140 countries and with a clear mission to beat the current industry giants Shutterstock, Adobe & Getty Images.

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