Lecyca Curiel & Jahkini Bisselink

Next Generation Keynote Speaker WHETSTON

About Lecyca Curiel & Jahkini Bisselink

Lecyca Curiel (1998) and Jahkini Bisselink (1999) research their own generation. Lecyca has been working at Whetson as a researcher and speaker sinds 2016. She has worked with organisations like Walmart, Procter &Gamble and the European Parliament. In 2019 she was named one of the 50 most promising talents by the Dutch newspaper, het Financieel dagblad. Jahkini Bisselink has worked at the United Nations as a youth representative from the Netherlands. As a youth representative she has spoken with thousands of young people throughout the Netherlands and has given multiple statements at UN conferences like the General Assembly. In 2019 Jahkini gave a Ted Talk about sustainable youth participation. As a duo Jahkini and Lecyca have a big passion to let the voice of young people be heard. 


The Talk

Gen Z on Gen Z, The best approach

”They don’t fall for ”woke-washing”, easily intertwine the physical with the digital world and are done with all the stereotypes surrounding depression, stress and burnouts.  Welcome to the world of Generation Z. More than a third of the world population is part of this generation born between 1995 and 2010. Generation Z grows up in turbulent times. What does this tell us about the future of Generation Z? What do they care about most? What issues are they vocal about? And how do you approach this generation as an organisation? 

The world, communities and human behaviour changes at a high pace. How does this influence society and how can you – as a company – embrace this change?

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