Research Specialist MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative

About Maggie

Maggie Coblentz is an industrial designer and researcher whose work explores the future of human life and culture in space. She pursues this at the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative where she leads research on space food. She’s interested in building designed objects, systems and experiences that will allow humans to not just survive, but thrive in space. In her practice, Maggie makes speculative designs and gastronomic experiences that anticipate future global demands and promote unforeseen artifacts and foodways. 

Prior to joining the MIT Media Lab, Maggie received a masters degree in industrial design from RISD and has a background in fashion design.

The Talk

Food Experiences for Extreme Environments

The human experience of food extends far beyond mere nourishment. Food is a key creature comfort in spaceflight, and it will play an even more significant role on long duration space travel and future life in space habitats. The advancement of deepspace exploration and the development of an interplanetary space tourism industry will make new cultural events and experiences never encountered before in human history possible. How can we design new and unforeseen foodways and gastronomic experiences that extend beyond basic sustenance?

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