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Pa Sinyan is Managing Partner with Gallup and leads Gallup’s teams across EMEA. In his role, he supports leading companies to drive organizational and cultural change. He has 13 years experience working with leadership teams on organizational and C-Suite challenges. Pa leverages Gallup’s cutting-edge data insights in the science of leadership, behavioural economics, and decision-making to support leaders. As a trusted advisor, he partners with leaders to help the unearth organic growth – more engaged employees, customers and suppliers.

Pa has an MSc and a BSc in International Economics and Finance from Universiteit van Tilburg in The Netherlands. Born and raised in The Gambia, Pa has lived in Germany, The Netherlands and Tunisia. Pa speaks English, German and Wolof.

The Talk

What Is the World’s Emotional Temperature?

Gallup’s annual Global Emotions Report measures people’s positive and negative experiences worldwide, giving leaders insights into the emotional health of their societies, which traditional economic indicators don’t capture.
Wellbeing is a vital indicator of a nation’s economic and social development. Gallup helps global organizations measure and track progress toward happy, thriving societies.

Using data covering 98% of the world’s population, Pa Sinyan explores the factors that influence behaviors at work, the role of leaders and managers, and the untapped potential that strengths-based leadership provides for organizations as well as individual employee experiences.

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