van Rooy

Sales Manager Lightyear

About Peter

After finishing his masters degree at Nyenrode Business School Peter started his career at Spyker Cars.

As Head of Global Sales he fulfilled a key role at this Dutch manufacturer of bespoke supercars. Following successful years with Spyker, at XCOR Space Expeditions he was responsible for the sales of spaceflight tickets aboard the Lynx spacecraft. In more recent years Peter was responsible for the global marketing activity of the Aston Martin AM37 powerboat as well as Zenvo, the hypercar manufacturer from Denmark.

Currently Peter is Sales Manager at Lightyear, a Dutch tech scale-up and developer of the world’s first solar car. He focuses on the commercial success of Lightyear 0, the company’s first model.

Parallel to Lightyear 0’s market launch, preparations for a mass market model ‘Lightyear 2’ are in full swing.

The Talk

Will the solar car be your future car?

Will solar cars be the future? In the light of the global sustainability goals the future of cars should be electric. Charging hassles, range anxiety and high costs withholds society from buying electric cars. Moreover the electricity infrastructure must drastically change. What if we can tell you that the solar car can leapfrog these problems and make our future shine again!

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