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About Saeed

With a Persian background and a Dutch upbringing, Saeed has always understood the value of bridging the gap. Having traded in his flying magic carpet for a Dutch bike, Saeed settled in his new hometown of Amsterdam. After his time at TomTom, Saeed managed to establish several successful development and ecommerce companies across Europe. Recently receiving 1.5 mln euro funding for his startup which sets out to easily embed AI in any commerce platform, it is Saeed’s goal to make A.I. accessible for all by bridging the gap of technology and marketing in order to empower the next level of commerce: aicommerce.

The Talk

From eCommerce to aiCommerce

85% of companies think AI will offer a competitive advantage, but only 1 in 20 is `extensively` employing it today. Join us in our talk to discuss the transition of eCommerce  into aiCommerce and why the use of AI is a necessity in order to stay competitive with real aiCommerce business case examples to help you use AI strategically instead of incidentally within your organization.

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