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About Sean

Sean McLoughlin is an acclaimed stand-up comedian and writer based in London, described as “The best comedian you haven’t heard of” by Time Out and “an impassioned and uniquely brilliant talent” by The List. He has performed on several U.K. tours and provided tour support for Ricky Gervais on his international ‘Humanity’ tour. He also played a small part in the Netflix sitcom ‘After Life’

His debut album ‘Support Act’ was released by 800lb Gorilla Records. Sean’s previous podcast ‘Heal Your Wounds’ was nominated for a Chortle Award. His current podcast is called ‘Sean & Eliot Read The Bible’ and can be found wherever podcasts are found.

The Talk

Beyond the Screen

The human race is at a crossroads: on one path lies the future, with its twitchy technology and mega-corporations who know us better than we know ourselves; on the other lies the past and all the baggage that entails. And in the middle stands Sean McLoughlin, an unlikely everyman, trying to plot a course for both himself

and mankind. All Sean wants is to walk into the sunset with the love of his life and his head held high, but before that there’s some demons he wants to put to rest. What’s it like to slip in the Google rankings for your own name? Can you date a girl called Alexa in the tech age?

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