Retail Data Technology Architect Alibaba

About Yuefeng

Yuefeng works as a Data Technology Architect of Alibaba Cloud especially for retail sector. He has worked for Capgemini and Salesforce (Tableau Software) for large enterprise data projects in Europe on architecture design and business consulting: data integration, data design & visualization, business planning, profitability and cost management.

The Talk

Glimpse into Alibaba’s successful retail experiences

We are in a particularly exciting time when it comes to retail customer experience as consumers are currently more likely to use digital technology to explore potential purchases. This offers retailers the opportunity to transform how they interact with customers. Retailers using AI to its fullest potential will be able to influence purchases in the moment and anticipate future purchases, guiding shoppers towards the right products in a regular and highly personalized manner.

With 20 years’ experience in the e-commerce and retail industry, Chinese giant Alibaba has accumulated extensive technologies supporting retail innovation. In this keynote speech, Yuefeng Sun, Data Intelligence Scientist of Alibaba Cloud, will show you the retail business innovations within Alibaba ecosystem empowered by AI and data intelligence. He will share Alibaba’s key customer cases which have improved customer satisfaction.

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