Top 10 EU Start-ups

The election of the Emerce Top 10 European Start-ups is once again part of Emerce eDay and the winner will be announced from ten elected nominees.

For the 7th consecutive year the Top 10 shortlist will be compiled by Emerce’s editors with input from VCs, M & A specialists, bankers and journalists from all over Western Europe.

The criteria that the start-ups have to meet are that the head office is located in Europe, the startup does not exist for more than six years and the turnover is over two million euros or that at least two million euros must have been raised in funding.

The final list shows which startups are upcoming and have great potential: the higher its position in the final top 10 list, the greater its potential. The top 10 list includes ‘new’ startups that have never been on the list before.

This was last year’s Top 10 start-up list, in order of their final ranking in the top 10:

  1. Wasteless (2016, Israël, Internet of Groceries)
  2. Adcombi (2014, Netherlands, Location based advertising)
  3. Glovo (2015, Spain, Same day delivery-platform)
  4. Revolut (2015, United Kingdom, Online banking)
  5. Hotelchamp (2015, Netherlands, Direct booking-platform for hotels)
  6. Acast (2013, Sweden, Podcasting platform)
  7. Blinkist (2012, Germany, Non-fiction books in 15 minutes)
  8. Trigo Vision (2017, Israel, Retail Automation-platform)
  9. June Energy (2015, Belgium, Energy comparison)
  10. ŌURA (2013, Finland, Health/Wellness wearable)

Wasteless was declared the winner of 2018.

Emerce eDay takes place on October 10th in De Kromhouthal in Amsterdam-Noord. Stay tuned for more news about the nominees of the Emerce Top 10 European Startups 2019! 


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