Founder Acts Not Facts

About Matt

Matt Webb is founder of London-based studio Acts Not Facts. For twenty years he has collaborated with some of the world’s largest firms on design-led product invention using new technology.  Previously Matt has run startup accelerators with R/GA Ventures, was co-founder and CEO of pioneering design studio BERG, and in 2004 he co-authored Mind Hacks, a pop science dive into cognitive neuroscience. He can be found at

The Talk

Beyond chat: the future of AI collaboration

What is it like to work with AI? What is it like to live with AI? 

In this session Matt will show his own prototypes and design projects in AI. He is currently manufacturing a clock that tells the time with AI-composed poems and created the app Galactic Compass.

He will explore why human/AI collaboration matters, some emerging patterns of how we’ll work with AI in the future and what it means for us today.

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