Meet the E-team

People often say it’s the content that sets EMERCE EDAY apart from the rest.  But we know it starts long before that: with our team.

Behind EMERCE EDAY is the staff of Emerce – one of the most prominent, long-running and trusted publishers of eCommerce content in Europe.

Our events are powered by our editors. For you, this means that the content that sets us apart has been put together by a team of journalists, content specialists, writers and curators whose one job is to know exactly what you need to hear.

Who we are:

The EMERCE EDAY team: A handful of us are the projectmanagers whose helicopter view over our events is what brings all of the details together. Then we’re creatives, communicators, and producers whose inspired ideas design your experience at EMERCE EDAY.

And last but not least there are the brains behind the business at Emerce, who keep the wheels turning, who partner with new companies and help EMERCE EDAY grow.

We call them the E-team and we’re proud to present them to you!

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