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  • Thursday November 3rd

    eDay 2016, the aftermovie

    It’s hard to believe it was nearly a month ago now that we spent the 6th of October together at eDay.  “Inspiring,” “stimulating,” and “thought-provoking” were a few of the words we’ve heard visitors use to describe eDay so far.  Take a quick look back at some of the highlights and also hear what the …read more

  • Friday October 14th

    eDay was a blast

    We greatly enjoyed the twelfth edition of eDay on October 6th. 2089 visitors came to the Kromhouthal in Amterdam to meet the online heroes, acquire knowledge and to network. Missed out? Check the pictures and some of the presentations here. Interviews with several of our speakers and partners, you’ll find at Fast Moving Targets.  

  • Thursday August 25th

    Fashionblogger Negin Mirsalehi: ‘Social moet de kern zijn

    “Ik zie mezelf ook niet als blogger, influencer of creator, maar meer als een merk. Wel heb ik me in de afgelopen jaren verbreed naar beauty en lifestyle. Het geeft me meer armslag en zorgt voor afwisseling in m’n posts.” Mirsalehi heeft via Instagram een dikke drie miljoen volgers. Sinds een jaar is ze echter ook …read more

  • Thursday July 14th

    Tim Leberecht confirmed speaker

    Tim Leberecht believes that in a world of algorithms, big data, and “quantified selves,” we are at risk of engineering inherently human qualities out of our lives. When everything is seamlessly connected, convenient, and predictable, we must find meaning through mystery, friction, and the beauty of the unexpected. When everyone maximizes and optimizes, romance becomes the ultimate differentiator. Illustrated through examples …read more

  • Sunday June 12th

    “Our growth, we owe to Silicon Valley”

    The Dutch data technology company Elastic is honored worldwide. Barely four years after it’s foundation, Elastic has customers as Facebook, Netflix, Uber, but also the more established companies. “Thanks to our open source model,” said founder and CEO Steven Schuurman (40). The fundament for Elastic was laid by Shay Banon, an Israeli who had written …read more

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