Thursday September 14th

Top 10 European Startups: and the nominees are…

An absolute favourite part of Emerce eDay for many attendees is the selection of the Top Startup of the Year from the Top 10 European Startups, and for good reason: the awards programme attracts some of the most quirky, thought-provoking, and innovative digital ideas – and some of the most interesting people too!

Published this year for the sixth time and now a permanent fixture at eDay, the Top 10 list features ten of the most upcoming and high potential European startups of this year chosen by Emerce based on the input of several leading international VC’s, M&A-professionals, serial entrepreneurs, bankers, several West-European business journalists and other experts. To be nominated, each startup has to be headquartered in Europe, be younger than six years old and with either a turnover of at least two million euros, or five million in funding.

Now…Can we get a drumroll, please?

This year’s nominees (in random order) are:

  • Relayr (2013, Berlin, Germany, Internet of Things)
  • Bunq (2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Fintech)
  • Babylon Health (2013, London, UK, e-Healthcare)
  • Otonomo (2015, Tel Aviv, Israël, Car data & services)
  • Blockchain (2011, London, UK, Blockchain)
  • Crunchr (2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands, People analytics)
  • Lesara (2013, Berlin, Germany, Online fashion)
  • Scorp (2015, Istanbul, Turkey, Viral video)
  • LetGo (2015, Barcelona, Spain, second hand marketplace)
  • Improbable (2012, London, UK, 3D worlds)

Be sure to listen for the selection of the winner during eDay Session 2 at 12:40 PM!


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