Designing Emotionally Intelligent Machines

Our smartphones don’t know if we are having a good day or a bad day. Our cars could care less about compassion. Our home assistants are barely aware if we are shouting in frustration or just joking around. Technology is developing more IQ, but it lacks EQ.

At the same time, technology’s hidden operating system seems to move between emotional extremes, from moral outrage to ironic distance. Empathy is on the wane, and technology might be partly to blame. We are feeling new feels that we can only express through artful combinations of gifs and emojis. We struggle with how human to make our machines, as we struggle with how to maintain our own humanity.

Technology is currently insufficient for the emotional spectrum of our lives. As much as technology designs our way of being in the world, its redesigning our inner lives. And the best experiences make us feel a little bit of everything. With a combination of human and artificial emotional intelligence, a future of feeling is closer than ever. In this talk, Pamela will look at how we can start.

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