Tech-tonic shifts: How digital waves shape elections and democracy

By: Megan Shahi (Center for American Progress)


English session

A critical session with Megan Shahi as she delves into the role of social media in shaping the 2024 US election year. In this in-depth exploration, Megan will examine how conspiracy theories, disinformation, and the lack of regulation on social media platforms influence voter opinions and, in some cases, the outcomes of elections.

Megan will discuss the significant impact of mainstream social media platforms on public discourse, highlighting how the spread of false information can distort reality and sway the electorate. She will provide a comprehensive analysis of the current landscape, emphasizing the urgent need for effective regulation and the challenges in implementing such measures.

You will gain valuable insights into the mechanisms through which disinformation spreads, the motivations behind it, and its implications for democracy. Megan will also address potential strategies to combat disinformation and promote a more informed and engaged electorate.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Megan Shahi, a leading expert in the field, and to understand the complexities and consequences of disinformation in the digital age as we approach the 2024 US elections.

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