How to Fix the Future

By: Andrew Keen (Author) 00:00 — 00:30

How to Fix the Future depicts what we must do if we are to try to preserve human values in an increasingly digital world and what steps we might take as societies and individuals to make the future something we can again look forward to.

Looking to the past to learn how we might change our future, Andrew Keen tells the story of how societies tamed the excesses of the Industrial Revolution, which, like its digital counterpart, demolished long-standing models of living, ruined harmonious environments, and altered the business world beyond recognition.

There are five key tools that Keen identifies: regulation, competitive innovation, social responsibility, worker and consumer choice, and education. His journey to discover how these tools are being put into practice took him around the globe, from Estonia to Singapore, to India, Germany, China, Russia, and, of course, Silicon Valley.

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