The Savagery of Pop Culture

By: Alain Sylvain (Sylvain Labs) 14:15 — 14:45

How the future of culture is rendering brands impotent.

Even in it’s frivolousness, pop culture used to be the common language we leveraged to subconsciously discuss and deliberate the issues of the day. The shows and movies we watched, the music we listened to, the sartorial choices we made, and even the foods we ate all reflected our collective perspective. And brands exploited this monoculture to share their stories and influence our habits.

But today pop culture doesn’t exist and brands don’t have a natural right to culture in general.. What is the role of brands when culture is increasingly fragmented, constantly changing and not welcoming to brands? Drawing from history, science and of course pop culture, Alain Sylvain, Founder and CEO of Sylvain Labs, will explain how brands and products have a responsibility to further culture – and not capitalize on it.

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