The rise of AI Influencers: a blurred line between reality and fiction

By: Sander Duivestein ('Echt nep')
English session

Join this session with Sander Duivestein as he delves into the emerging trend of AI influencers on social media platforms. These digital creations, often strikingly realistic, are swiftly taking over the online world, presenting unique opportunities and challenges for businesses.

Sander will explore how AI influencers, who can operate 24/7 without the need for rest or the risk of complaints, offer a new frontier in digital marketing. He will share insights into the financial potential of these phenomena, exemplified by Italian AI influencer Emily Pelligrini, who earned £90,000 in just six weeks on Fanvue.

During his talk, Sander will discuss the possibilities and advantages of utilizing AI influencers, such as their ability to consistently engage with audiences and deliver targeted content. However, he will also address the potential pitfalls, including ethical considerations and the blurring of lines between reality and fiction in online interactions.

This session promises a captivating look at the future of social media and digital marketing. Ideal for marketers, business owners, and anyone interested in the evolving landscape of online influence, this talk will provide valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges posed by AI influencers. Don’t miss this chance to explore the cutting edge of online interactions with Sander Duivestein.

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