van de Wiele

Head of Solutions Consulting & Tech Evangelism Adobe

About Bart

Bart is a consultant, public speaker, and author. Based in Belgium he works for Adobe as Head of Solutions Consulting & Tech Evangelism where his team of product experts help customers reach their business objectives using Adobe’s digital media solutions.

The Talk

Supercharge your creativity with Adobe Firefly

Marketers are under pressure to deliver high-impact, personalised experiences while optimising costs. Which is why Adobe is leading the charge on faster content creation and distribution, via a Content Supply Chain paired with Adobe Firefly – a new family of generative AI models.

Join Adobe on stage as you’ll learn:

  • How you can boost ideation, creativity and content production using Adobe Firefly
  • Why your teams should be exploring new generative AI horizons
  • What is the role of a Content Supply Chain in the end-to-end process of planning, creating, delivering, and analysing your content across your enterprise

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