CX Director, Data & Insights Triple (code d'azur & Wonderland agency group)

About Colleen

Colleen Benko is the CX Director of Data & Insights at code d’azur (part of the Triple, code d’azur and Wonderland agency group), leading the expansion of the company’s data department. Formerly the Growth & Strategy Manager for the Nike App at Nike’s European HQ, she fuels digital growth through data-driven decision making, enhanced customer experiences, and forward-looking loyalty strategies.

The Talk

The Next Generation of Loyalty

Amid the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the concept of membership has evolved beyond transactional benefits and points. The new era of members seeks a deeper emotional connection with your brand. They seek community, a shared vision, a brand that anticipates their needs. Colleen explores the next generation of value-based loyalty and how you can establish long-lasting relationships with your community of brand advocates.

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