New Media Artist, Researcher and Musician Reeps100

About Harry

Harry Yeff (AKA Reeps 100) was born in London. Yeff’s expertise in vocal musicianship and performance has generated an online global following. Rendering over 100 million views and recognition as a pioneer in a new wave of vocal experimentation and advocate of neuro-divergent creativity.

Yeff rose to fame as one of the greatest beatboxers of all time. His almost inhuman vocal ability opened up a slew of voice, technology and academic collaboration specializing in voice and tech-based performance and strategy.

In 2019 Yeff completed his third artist residency with Harvard University with an invitation as a guest lecturer with the phonetic and music departments. At present Yeff is part of the Experiments in Art and Technology Program at Bell Labs and a trusted contributor and speaker with the World Economic Forums ‘Cultural Leader program’.

The Talk

Artificial Intelligence: mentor, collaborator or opponent?

In a world of increasingly virtual communication, the voice remains humankind’s most fundamental communication tool. Voice artist and beatboxer Harry Yeff – aka Reeps One – explains how he has used AI to create a simulation of his own voice that he can interact with, and what this project suggests about the future of interaction between humans and machines.

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