Research Scientist TikTok

About Janne

Janne is a music producer and artificial intelligence researcher who explores the notion of creativity with self-learning algorithms. She has worked with artists to create songs using artificial intelligence, from crazy hip hop tracks with ‘De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig’, to tearjerkers inspired by André Hazes. At TikTok she works in the Speech, Audio and Music Intelligence R&D team, where she works on developing cutting-edge technology to inspire creativity with music.

The Talk

The future of creativity – AI and music

AI can be used to analyse media, but it can also be used to create media. What does that mean for creators? In this session we take a close look at AI, music and video. 

Hendrik Vincent Koops works at RTL, and co-organises the AI Song Contest, Janne Spijkervet works as a research scientist at TikTok. They share stories about the AI generation of music and more.

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