van der Enden

Researcher Quantum Internet & KNAW Face of Science QuTech

About Kian

Kian van der Enden is a quantum physicist and PhD candidate building the world’s first metropolitan scale Quantum Internet at QuTech, the leading quantum technology research institute of the Netherlands at the Delft University of Technology. With experience in many different quantum technologies he was selected to be one of the few ‘Faces of Science’ at the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences to share his expertise with the general public.

The Talk

The Quantum Internet: Building the unhackable internet of the future

The Quantum Internet is the only way that Quantum Computers can share their information, which is paramount to leverage the immense increase in computational power that these computers will bring. How do you build such an Internet? What is even quantum teleportation and why is it useful? Is this new internet really unhackable? I’ll uncover everything about this exciting technology and its applications both for the quantum and current internet.

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