Monteiro Borsboom

CEO and general counsel MQM Legal

About Marisa

Marisa Monteiro Borsboom is a true Renaissance woman. Her life has four strong pillars: family, legal and business career, philanthropy and advocacy. She is actively engaged in technological entrepreneurship and seeks to use it as a force for positive societal change. 

She embraced Women in Tech Global Movement as a tri-factor role model. She is a board member, Head of Public Policy and Governance Affairs & Chief Legal Officer, while being based in the Netherlands. 

In a more than 18 years of legal career she is now the CEO, and general counsel of MQM Legal and co-founder and partner of Inov@legal. At the same time she is an active member of many organisations in the legal and justice sector. Currently she is the Vice President of the European Legal Tech Association, leading ELTA academy and Women in legal tech ELTA group. In her business dimension she is the founder and director of PortHollandia – Chamber of Commerce Netherlands Portugal.

Currently she leads Humanity of Things Agency, being also its founder, focusing on literacy for the 21st century, and her own human agency, her life’s purpose, also supported by her participation as founding member of UNA, the Portuguese United Nations Association.

The Talk

Women in tech: why they are essential for the future

Lieke Lamb leads a discussion with women from the tech world about the Female Touch in the tech world. Why is diversity and inclusion important right now if you want to make your brand future-proof (AI, algorithms, brands and media), what is already happening, what are good – and bad – examples and what are the results? What does the future ideally look like?

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