Senior Marketing Officer Global DMN-WESTINGHOUSE

About Mariska

Mariska is a Global Senior Marketing Officer with a strong background in the dry bulk industry. She possesses extensive experience working at multiple advertising agencies. Her expertise lies in social media management, employer branding, marketing communications, and developing impactful (digital) campaigns and websites for various brands.

Mariska’s expertise spans worldwide, allowing her to navigate diverse markets and cultural contexts. Through her work, she strives to make a positive impact, driving sustainable practices while staying ahead in the dynamic marketing field.

She is deeply committed to sustainability and integrating eco-friendly practices into marketing strategies. Mariska firmly believes in the power of marketing to drive positive change and promote sustainable business practices. Additionally, she is passionate about supporting and empowering women in technology, ensuring their equal representation and opportunities for growth.

Ethics in business is a priority for Mariska, and she strives to uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all marketing endeavours. Leveraging the power of digital data, digital marketing, and customer relations management, she creates targeted and personalised campaigns to build strong brands and position them effectively in the market.

By focusing on building corporate identity, Mariska works to create a cohesive and authentic brand image that resonates with customers worldwide. Through her work, she aims to drive brand growth, enhance customer experiences, and contribute to the overall success of the organisations she serves.

The Talk

Women in tech: why they are essential for the future

Lieke Lamb leads a discussion with women from the tech world about the Female Touch in the tech world. Why is diversity and inclusion important right now if you want to make your brand future-proof (AI, algorithms, brands and media), what is already happening, what are good – and bad – examples and what are the results? What does the future ideally look like?

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