Sr. Product Manager TheyDo

About Naiara

As a seasoned Product Manager, Naiara has a proven track record in driving innovation and value at prominent companies like MessageBird, Typeform and TheyDo. She is known for her passion, creativity, and effective communication, fostering both intra and inter-organizational connections. Her distinct charisma enables her to inspire teams and validate new products with aplomb. In her experience, she has scaled teams effectively and navigated complex projects from conception to successful completion. Her distinctive abilities to articulate product improvements and manage business strategies have established her as a transformative force in her field.

The Talk

Women in tech: why they are essential for the future

Lieke Lamb leads a discussion with women from the tech world about the Female Touch in the tech world. Why is diversity and inclusion important right now if you want to make your brand future-proof (AI, algorithms, brands and media), what is already happening, what are good – and bad – examples and what are the results? What does the future ideally look like?

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